Keto: Day 7


Saturday Morning:

I weighed in this morning.  I have lost 6.4 pounds and 1.5 inches off my waist.  I am pretty stoked.  Granted, I wish I could blink my eyes and be a size 8 again.  It seems like it was just a blink of an eye from the time I was thin to now.  I know it didn’t happen over night.  I am striving to have more self-esteem (people find this funny if I speak it out loud because, outwardly, most would think I am a bundle of self-esteem.  In reality, I am not.) Hopefully, at some point, I will feel comfortable sharing a before and after picture.  Right now, I am not.

So, I am sitting here enjoying some coffee and Hallmark Movies.  I am already getting into the Christmas Spirit! 🙂  As I sit here thinking of how badly I look forward to this wonderful season, I am finding myself trying to figure out what I want for brunch, too.  So far this morning, I have had my coffee and heavy cream.  I haven’t been very hungry which is a nice thing and I need to get busy around the house.   I am thinking I need a little something to jump start my movement.

I know that I have some strawberries in the freezer and a ton of cream cheese.  Cream cheese pancaked sound like a winner.  The recipe I will use is here; homemade strawberry sauce for the topping.  For the sauce, strawberries reduced in a sauce pan, with a little Stevia should be just perfect.  I will take a picture before I devour them.    🙂


Yep, they were pretty yummy!  Seriously….really yummy!!!

I don’t know how many pancakes they are supposed to make, but my first one was pretty thin.  The “batter” is VERY thin.  I added all ingredients into a blender to mix them well. I recommend splitting the recipe into two pancakes and using a pan that is about the size you want the pancake to be.  The second pancake was much thicker due to the fact I used the rest of the “batter” for the second pancake and that made it much thicker.  I probably should have cooked some bacon to go along with this brunch.  I hope the strawberries won’t keep me from stalling, but if they do, it was worth it.  I believe it was two cups of whole strawberries reduced to about a cup.  I used half of them on these pancakes.  Note:  There are about 11 grams of carbs in one cup of strawberries, so only eat them on occasion.


Well, I would never have believed it, but I loved this dish.  Tonight I made Bacon Cheddar Cauliflower Soup.  You can get the recipe here and this site includes pictures.  I am really quite surprised at how yummy this was.  I did not have the aged cheddar, so I just used what I had on hand.  I also used beef stock instead of chicken stock, so I bet it would have been even better with the mild taste of chicken stock.  The beef stock did give it a rich depth of flavor with the garlic and thyme.  The more I ate of my serving, the better it got, too.  I think I was just so skeptic about the idea of cauliflower soup.

I am most certain I have gone way over my carbs for the day.  In fact, according to My Fitness Pal, I am sitting at 30 carbs.  That is 10 over where I want to be.  Carb creep is a real thing, y’all!  I also snacked on some bacon, cream cheese and had an iced coffee today.

My calories are 1,074, 71% Fat, 10% Protein, 10% Carbs.

I will do better tomorrow.  Weekends are tough!



Keto: Day 6


Well, it is Friday.  I cannot tell you how bad I want to cheat today.  After the week I have had, I totally get when people say that something could drive you to drink.  But it is 10pm and I haven’t done that.  LOL.

I checked my urine this morning with a Keto-stick.  Whew!  That stick turned dark purple…fast, but I knew it would.  There is something that comes along with ketosis that I am  not too thrilled about – strong smelling urine.  Ugh.  It’s awful.  I hope it isn’t seeping from my pores!  I am totally going to have to research that and figure out if it lasts very long and what in the world I can do about it.  I just thought people interested in this WOE might want to know that this could be something they experience, so be prepared.  I do think others have strong body odor.  I haven’t really been sweating much, so I haven’t noticed that as an issue.

Food for today:

Another thing I have notices with Ketosis is lack of appetite.  I skipped breakfast this morning except for my coffee with heavy cream.  For lunch, it was Principal Appreciation Luncheon day, so I had a steak and salad with ranch dressing and water.  I did not give in to the brownie or cheesecake.  LOL.  I wanted to, especially when they brought it to my table and waved it in front of my face.  Dinner consisted of some pepperoni and pickles.  Just not hungry. Crazy, right?

On a personal note:

Not that the first couple of paragraphs weren’t pretty personal, but I still haven’t experienced Keto-flu, so that is a plus.  I wonder if that is because I have eased myself into this WOE by trying various recipes to see if it was something I can handle.  I guess it is something to think about and certainly something worth trying to help prevent it.  Who likes feeling bad, right?

I am hanging in here.  Pray for me since it is the weekend.  Weekends can be tough.  I hope to experiment with some recipes this weekend, so maybe my blog will get a little more exciting. 🙂


Keto: Day 5

Keto:  Day 5

So, today the craving of all things sweet set in with a vengeance, but I was down another pound (yeah, I weighed again…couldn’t resist).  I didn’t give in, but I feel like I blew it with eating even though I stayed within my calories and macros.


Two eggs fried in butter, two cups of coffee with Stevia and Heavy Whipping Cream


Meh – never have time for that, but I drank lots of water!  🙂


Large salad with 8 grape tomatoes, 1/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheese, 4 pieces of bacon and 3 tablespoons of Ranch Dressing.  A 1/4 pound beef burger with one slice of Kraft Singles and 2 tablespoons of mayo.

Total Calories: 1463       Carbs:  21g       Fat: 130g    Protein:  56g

Macros were:  Carbs: 6%, Fat: 79%, Protein 15%.

Anyway, everything was good and simple, so that’s awesome.  I needed simple tonight after my crazy day at work.  Lots of classroom visits today, great professional development after school, and a Pumpkin decorating contest with three great winners.  I have featured the First Place Winner as my main photo, but I really love these other two:



I totally thought the Corduroy Bear was a real teddy bear in the library.  I passed it several times before one of my school counselors said how cute it was and that she couldn’t believe it was all pumpkins!

On Monday, I have to dress up as a character from a book and read at a Fall Festival.  Of course, it isn’t me that they want to hear, but instead my friend.  Did I mention I am a ventriloquist?  Well, yeah, so that is one more thing I have on my plate and yet, another reason I would like to lose some weight. Anyway, this little performance should be interesting…holding a book and turning the pages while performing with my pal.  If I can get a picture, I will share with you.

Still feeling good.  Hope you are!

Keto: Day 3 & 4


So, let’s face it:  my life is busy as a Mom, Grammy, Wife and Middle School Principal.  Committing to blog about something is huge.   Committing to blog every day is….well….near impossible.  I am just getting in from school and a football game (we won).  I waited with the students until the last one was picked up.  Most people would probably be upset that it was 6:45 pm before the last child was picked up, but it was fun talking to the kids.  Not about school but about their favorite things to do, favorite foods, and favorite whatever.  We chatted about football, basketball and goals for when they grow up.  I love that kind of stuff and as principal of a large school, it is hard to fit that into your day when you are talking to parents, observing teachers, organizing events, etc.  In the long run, it IS what IS most important!   I love middle schoolers!

It was school pride day today (did I mention that we are in the throws of Red Ribbon Week and Spirit Week combined?).  A friend of mine gave me a pair of LulaRoe leggings that are orange and black striped (our school colors).  I rocked them with a black dress and black Tieks.  The kids loved it!  The leggings are, by far, some of the ugliest I have ever seen, but they were probably meant to be Halloween leggings and well, they worked perfect for today.

So, I know I am not supposed to weigh every day, but I had to just take a peek.  I knew that the way I had been eating has to be packing on the pounds.  Oddly enough, I was down a little over four pounds this morning.  I checked my urine for ketones, and I was at a moderate level, so I guess that is good for the morning of day 4.  Yesterday, I ate the same exact thing as I ate today, so I will explain that here:


Two eggs fried with butter. Two cups of coffee with heavy cream.


No time for lunch but I wasn’t hungry either, so that is good.


Keto Asian Stir Fry with Wasabi Mayo.  I am sure that is the last night of left overs, which means tomorrow night I will have to cook.

Fluids:  I have had the coffee mentioned above, several bottles of water, and a large glass of tea sweetened with Stevia.

I haven’t been feeling bad or had any signs of Keto Flu yet, so that is great.

I have my calories set at 1750 per day.  I am not getting anywhere near that amount.  I am not hungry and I am trying to remember to drink water.  I get so busy at work, I honestly forget.  I haven’t added in exercise yet, but that is simply because I haven’t gotten home at a decent time.  I am not a morning person so working out before work is just not an option for me.  I am simply not that disciplined….yet.

I am still using MyFitnessPal to track everything.  I haven’t upgraded it or anything, just using the free version.  It keeps me accountable!

Thanks for keeping up with me.  I sure hope I won’t bore you to death.  So far my change has been uneventful.  Hopefully the weight loss will continue!


Keto: Day 2


For October 23, 2017:   I am late writing this because we had crazy storms in the area last night and I spent the better part of the evening getting outside furniture situated for high winds.  However, it was a relatively uneventful day, yesterday.  I had to work, and as always, it is a day full of excitement and not a lot of time for things like eating.  I started out the day with two cups of coffee with heavy cream.

Lunch:  I didn’t make it for this one, but drank water throughout the day and wasn’t really hungry.

Dinner:  I had a helping of the Asian Stir Fry (Keto), which was left-overs from my Sunday Dinner.

Hubby is doing this along with me, so I am anxious to see how he is doing.  Of course, I don’t know what he eats at work, so I cannot account for him being as strict as I was.

Snacks, I did have a couple of fat bombs, as well.  I know I was way under my calorie intake needs, since My Fitness Pal did not want to let me complete my journal.  Yes, I do like using that app.  The free version allows me to see my macros and I can track everything I eat/drink.

I haven’t felt bad yet, so that is a plus, but then again, I don’t have time to feel bad.  LOL.

Off to work.  Will Catch up tonight.

Wish me luck.

Keto: Day 1


Well, I have survived today.  I am nearing the end of day one of eating Keto.  I feel pretty good and am surprised at how hard it is to get in the fat you should get in.  I am also surprised at how hard it is for me to drink water (or anything for that matter!).  I actually can’t believe that I made it through our Sunday Family Dinner and ate Keto the whole time.  I didn’t cheat at all.  Yay, me!

My menu today consisted of the following:


I slept a little later than an average day but I am not usually a breakfast eater, anyway.  I had two cups of coffee with Stevia and heavy whipping cream.  I would like to tell you I measured the cream, but I didn’t.  I like my coffee to look more like hot chocolate, so there’s that.


I had some tuna fish packed in water, drained it and added two tablespoons of Dukes Mayonnaise and a little pickle relish (about 1/2 tsp).  I ate a few celery sticks with some ranch dressing, too.


YUM!  I made Keto Asian Stir Fry from the  You can get the recipe here.  I followed it as close as I could, making enough for left-overs so I would have some to take to work, and so, hopefully, I won’t have to cook for a day or so.

I can tell you that in making this recipe, I used a cast iron dutch oven instead of a frying pan.  It housed the mounds of cabbage much easier than it spilling over the sides of a frying pan.  I still made a mess, mind you, but not quite the mess that I would have made!  I had trouble finding Wasabi in my area, too.  I did get some but I don’t think it was what I should have used, so I may have blown it since I did notice there was some sugar in the mix.  I sure hope not because the wasabi mayonnaise takes this recipe over the top.  I bet it will taste even better tomorrow!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs.   You can click on the name for the recipe.  They are pretty awesome and I had four today, but for me and the tray that I use, the recipe makes 18.   I love these!  They help with that craving for something sweet.

Water.  Water.  Water.   I sure hope I got enough in today.

Calories today:  1605   Carbs:  18g      Fat: 131g     Protein: 82g


Personal stuff:

Ugh, I measured my waist today.  That made me want to cry!!!  It is hard for me to believe I am the size I am now.  It is harder for me to think that, at my heaviest, I weighed 40 more pounds than I do now.  I just don’t even know how this happened.  I am not lazy, by any means.  Never have been.  It seems like yesterday I was young and raising children.  I have to admit that eating the way I did today has left me feeling huge.  I hope I didn’t make mistakes.  I don’t know what they would have been, but I am learning.

This weekend, I was able to have my grandson (age 6) with me all weekend.  He is so much fun, loaded with personality.  We went for a bike ride.  He wants desperately to learn to ride his bike without training wheels.  Unfortunately, his bike is a little small for him, so he has trouble balancing more than usual.  I guess I know what we need to make sure he gets for Christmas.  🙂

Christmas!  Is it time to be thinking about the holidays, already?  As a middle school principal, life seems to speed by.  I can’t believe I have blinked and it is almost November.  October is always a hard month for educators.  It seems long and there is nothing but, what seems like, a month of full moons and a holiday full of sugar that now gets celebrated in multiple ways throughout the month.

November brings a sigh of relief for most educators as we look forward to the breaks that come with the holidays that stack up, one behind the other, over the next several weeks.  It is not that we don’t love our kiddos and our jobs, but just like the students, we need a brain break and a moment for ourselves, beyond a weekend, to restore our joy, enthusiasm, and that momentum that will catapult us through the dreary winter months.

Keto, Anyone?


Still. Struggling. Here.

I lost about 20 pounds for my daughters wedding last year.  Although I haven’t gained it all back, I have gained most of it and, well, it isn’t pretty.

I have seriously decided that I can lose the same 5-10 pounds every week or so, but just put them back on with one or two meals on the weekend.  Family meals on Sunday are a killer for me, as my will power, after cooking all afternoon, is usually shot.  At 51 years old, I am not the athlete I once was.  I need to move more, get out more, and just do a whole lot more than I do.  Having recently broken my foot, I have also found that I don’t heal like I used to AND the stress of being on my feet for a few hours, makes the, once broken, foot swell and hurt.  How about you?  Any of you out there doing any better than I am?

I am hearing the buzz of Ketogenic (Keto) diets or low carb diets and am truly intrigued.  I have been studying it for quite some time now and have actually played around with a few recipes.  I love several FaceBook pages and websites that spell things out simply.  Basically, you need to eat a high fat, medium protein, and low carb diet.  When they say low carb, they mean LOW CARB:  20 grams of carbs per day or less.  High fat means HIGH FAT:  75% of your macros should be from FAT.  Can you say, “HELLO BACON!”?

I am truly a bit skeptical, but there seems to be a lot of success stories out there.   Me, being a bit leary of anything you read on FaceBook, and having noticed that many of those successful story writers don’t ever seem to answer a comment/question:  I tell myself that someone has stolen photos from some other diet page and posted them with a sappy story of how someone has lost a hundred plus pounds while eating fat, fat, fat.  In reality, again I tell myself, that it’s just fake; that this is the food industry getting Americans to eat unhealthy in an effort to control population (my brain goes to very dark place when it comes to dieting).

Keto believers don’t call it dieting.  They are religious about saying it is a way of life (WOL) or way of eating (WOE).  In fact, they have all kinds of acronyms that you have to be versed in to follow most of their posts on FaceBook.  They are a pretty friendly group, welcoming folks in, showing you all the places you can go to get help with understanding the lingo, recipes, and more.  If it weren’t for them and their encouraging spirit, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I am about to do….right out here… front of everyone in this cyber universe.

Keto gets a bad rap from a lot of people.  There are memes out there about eating an apple and gaining 3 pounds because of the carbs in an apple (I tell you, I have been reading and playing around with this for months).  Obviously, thinking about giving up carbs, a staple of the American diet, is, for lack of a better word, horrifying.  But Keto-goers brag on all the bacon and butter they get to eat.  They have come up with versions of “bread” that uses Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, or other ingredients to concoct something bread like.  They cook something called Crack Slaw (Amazing, by the way!), Fat Head Pizza, and drink coffee with real cream or something called Bullet Proof Coffee that has butter and coconut oil in it, blended and frothy (YUM!).  They claim that once your body is in ketosis and you are “fat adapted,” your appetite is suppressed and you can begin intermittent fasting with somewhat ease.  Some people don’t do the fasting, but it apparently helps the weight to fall off.

Reading all of this over the past few months, and trying some of the recipes to make sure I like them (like someone wouldn’t love butter, bacon, sausage, eggs, real mayo, cream, etc!!!), I have thought that this might be something I could try.  I think I have tried everything else out there.  I know that there is something called Keto Flu that I am going to have to just push through, but bullion cubes and pickle juice are said to be just the thing to help with that (apparently you become salt deficient, and these things help with that).

I can tell you that I need to lose 65 pounds to be at my dream weight (yep, I put it right out there for everyone to read – no shame).  In reality, there is tons of shame and I would probably be happy with about 50 pounds, simply because I don’t need to have that same body from high school or college.  I have been through a lot, my body has battle scars and memory maps (my new term) that tell where I have been and what it took to get through some of those places.  For me, I would like to look and feel better.  I would like to be able to be more active with my kids and grandchildren.  I would like to lose some of the inflammation and bloating that seems to be so natural for me these day.

So, here is what I am going to do:  For 30 days (Oct 22 to Nov 21), I am going to give it my best shot.  I will share recipes, ups, downs, feelings, struggles, you name it:  the good, the bad, the ugly.  I will try to be faithful in writing every day….about something related to this WOL.  I will share the loss or gain in weight.  I will commit to getting my water in daily (I hear that’s a thing and I suck at it).  AND…after I am sure I am over the Keto Flu, I will add in some walking on a regular basis (mainly because of this app that pays me 0.95 per 11,000 outdoor steps that I take).  I will share favored apps and tools.  I will share anything I think is helpful for anyone wanting to try this WOE.

Wish me luck.