February 5-10, 2014


Admittedly this first week has been about finding my way. I have been experimenting with recipes and trying to get nutritional facts down to follow what I want to make of this “weight loss process” that will eventually become my life change.

The 3rd through 8th day, I pretty much ate the same things, so I could experiment with different combinations of nutritional elements that I want and know would help me lose weight (based on the 18 million diets I have done in the past). I don’t really want to go into details about those meals, because they pretty much look like the same three meals on day one and two (other than I no longer have been eating beef – it does weird things to me). I replaced beef with fish, shrimp, crab, tuna. For the most part, I ate them pretty straight out, if I couldn’t figure out what to do with them that would fit into my “plan.” I decreased my fruit intake to 3 fruits per day and decided to add additional fruits besides Apples or Oranges (I specifically chose them for day one and two because of the fiber). And I added in fiber through Melba rounds, Melba Toast, and Wasa Crispbread

So, these days looked like this:
Breakfast: Warm Water with Lemon Juice, one egg, and a Wasa Crispbread
Mid-morning: Apple
Lunch: Large salad with 3.5 oz protein and lite dressing, a cracker
Mid-afternoon: a cup of mixed berries with a tsp of Splenda
Dinner: 3.5oz Protein and 1 cup of Veggies

After a few days of this (and me covering everything with mustard), I decided I needed to get some recipes together AND maybe blog about this journey so I can keep up with my recipes. I have been using the Menu Planner within the free version of Cozi to keep up with my recipes – or to put ones in that I want to convert. I am working on that and will post them here beginning tonight. I will also begin to try to map out my plan in a better, more organized way. Just know that for the most part, I am following the above plan, other than if I post a dessert, it means I am not having the afternoon fruit (because the fruit will be in the dessert) and I may be eliminating a bread/cracker serving and decreasing my protein somewhere else (since most desserts will probably have eggs or protein powder). I will try to post nutritional information as I go.

By the way, Monday, February 10, 2014, I was down by 9 pounds. 🙂


February 3 & 4, 2014


Last Monday I weighed (ugh!) and wrote that horrific number on my calendar.  Not the calendar that everyone can see, but the one that I keep hidden in a room, in the dark, in the back of the house (LOL!  Not really….but kinda).   I decided on a food list that was primarily made up of fruits for the first two days, with quite a bit a veggies, and  a fair amount of protein.  I remember some diet that had me do two days of major amounts of fruits, so I decided anywhere from 5-9 fruits a day (depending upon how hungry I got).  I didn’t want to lack in protein, either, but I knew for the first few days, fruits were going to be important.

I read somewhere else that drinking lemon juice in warm water helps your body in all kinds of ways, so I thought that might be a good way to take my vitamins.  If you want to read some of the benefits, check out this website: http://tasty-yummies.com/2013/03/18/10-benefits-to-drinking-warm-lemon-water-every-morning/.  It gives you  quick synopsis.  I started my two days (Monday and Tuesday) with an egg and a half of a pink grapefruit (decided against the pink grapefruit after these two days because I hate mornings and they take too long to figure out how to eat – not a huge fan anyway).

The rest of the day went like this:

10am – Apple

Lunch – three cup salad, 3.5 oz chicken breast (grilled), lite salad dressing, and an orange

2pm – Apple

4pm – Orange

6pm – 4 oz hamburger patty (grilled or cooked in a frying pan with PAM) with mustard, Green beans, and a baked apple

7:30 – Orange

I drank at least 8 glasses of water (8 oz each) both days.

Now I need to let you know a few things to be prepared for:  1.  You feel like you are eating all of the time!!!  2.  This part kind of sets you up for weight loss, but the fruit is really great for….um…..cleaning you out, anyway…so yay??  3.  Day two – mid-day:  Massive. Headache.  I mean the kind that makes you pass out, get sick to your stomach, and/or get so dizzy you can’t think (so glad I had pain reliever that helped me get through my work day!).   However around 3:30pm,  the headache was gone.

The Beginning….


Ok.  I am putting myself out there and admitting that I struggle with my weight and have all my life.  I have tried every diet out there from pre-packaged deals to daily weigh in programs with nutritionist that are there to help.  I can tell you that they all can help you be successful, but lets face it, we all know that it is about life style changes.  But you know what, I like food.  Wait, No, I love food!  I love the presentation, the smell, the preparation, everything.  Yep.  Me.  I could probably eat my weight (and yours, too) in breads and cakes and all that wonderful comfort food that is out there.  But, alas, I know that I will only cause more health issues by letting my weight creep up any more than it has.  So, I am taking what I know about dieting and all of the diets out there and I am going to see what I can do, on my own, to make some serious life changes.  I know that when I am at a healthy weight and size, I feel better, my blood pressure is better (the latest fun thing that has gone wrong in my life), and I don’t have knee and back problems (more fun things that come with weight issues) as bad.

I am a week into this life change, and want to share with you what I’ve done and what is going on.  Maybe someone will want to come along on this journey with me; maybe some will just want to peek into my journey now and then to see how its going; OR maybe I will just journal this all for myself.  Who knows.  I am not sure if I will get brave enough to share my weight with you (I am rather embarrassed by that), but I will let you know if I lose anything along the way.  Maybe at the end, I will tell you where I started.  I can say, that my starting weight last Monday (February 3, 2014) was 45 pounds down from where it was in 2003.  I lost 80 pounds on a fad diet in 2003 and have slowly put 35 back on thanks to my LOVE of food.

I need to figure out how to catch you up to where I am today – one week and one day into whatever it is I am doing.  Hmmmm. Let me break it down for you in a different entry.