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I am the mother of two girls. I am flawed beyond measure. I have a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership. I have been a social worker, truancy officer, scrapbook store owner, counselor, Special Education Director, and am currently the Principal of a fairly large middle school. I am passionate about my faith, family, career and education. I enjoy ventriloquism, cooking, scrapbooking, photography, exercising and spending time with my family. My favorite vacation spot is the beach, although I love anywhere that is outdoors! Extraordinarily Boring Adventures are stories from my memory of my childhood. They may or may not be accurate, but are just what I remember. While Dieting, Food, and Other Life Struggles are just my way of sharing about life. Hope you enjoy reading about this simple thing called life.

Valentine’s Day Ideas


One of the hardest things to do when trying to eat healthy is get through the holidays.  I don’t know what it is but carb-loaded foods seem to be a part of most holidays.  Valentine’s Day is no exception.  Where most holidays involve all kinds of parties, with foods and beverages that pack on the pounds, make you feel bloated and leave you miserable and needing a nap, this holiday is one filled with sweets.  I would bet the amount of chocolate consumed in and around this holiday would blow your mind.

I have decided to see what I can do to get through this holiday with a few lower carb treats.  My husband knows that shoes is the way to my heart, so he has already surprised me with a great pair of new shoes:  Sapphire Blue Tieks.  YAY!  These are my favorite shoes.

My husband adores chocolate, so I thought I would try to find something that would satisfy his love for chocolate.  Little did I know I would find a recipe for chocolate Truffles that might just do the trick.  My only concern is it is going to be more of a dark chocolate treat that his favorite, milk chocolate.  The recipe I used can be found here.

Update:   So I forgot to add the 20 drops of Stevia and they are still pretty amazing.  It almost makes me wonder if they would be too sweet with that added.  Oh well, now I will have to make some to see.  I also didn’t make them as big as the recipe called for (I used the smallest Pampered Chef scoop and it made closer to 16 Truffles), so around 1 carb per piece is pretty awesome for this sweet treat!!

I am telling you, if you need something sweet.  This is your go-to item!

Keto on!



Game Day & More

Game Day & More

Philly Cheesesteak Casserole and this past week:

Life has been so crazy this week. I have tried several recipes this week and haven’t had a chance to post about them.  On Monday (I think), I tried Kristie’s Philly Cheesesteak Casserole.  I can honestly say that we ate on it all week.  It was absolutely amazing.  The feature photo is a picture of my casserole once it was complete.  The recipe is found on page 59 of her book and a chicken version of this can be found here (I am totally game on trying the chicken version!).

For my trial of this, I did use bacon fat to cook it in, and probably used a little too much.  My thoughts was, “How can you have too much bacon fat?”  Right?  Well, because the steak creates some of its own drippings, the casserole I made was a little greasy (but still good – don’t get me wrong!).   I also left out the mushrooms and bell peppers.  My family is not a fan of green pepper, but hind sight being what it is I should have put some red, yellow or orange bell peppers in it.  We love the sweet flavor of them and they don’t usually cause indigestions.

I can tell you that the second night when we reheated this, it was even better, and each night of the week, it was better and better.  I did find myself skipping breakfast and lunch and not feeling hungry at all.  I have also been trying to eat my last meal before 8pm and even better if it is before 7pm.  Unfortunately, that often means eating alone since my husband works out of town and his dealership often doesn’t close until 7pm and he doesn’t get home until an hour or more after that.

Game Day:

So, it is Super Bowl Sunday and we have a long-standing tradition of eating junk on this day.  However, this year, with our new way of eating, we will be cooking Keto versions of everything and leaving out the sweets and high carb foods.

This year our menu includes:

  • Buffalo Chicken Wings (although I may convince my hubby to try Mr. Keto’s Parmesan Garlic Wings.  If I do, I will share how they turned out).
  • Chili
  • Cheesy Sausage Enchilada Dip
  • Homemade Cheese Crackers (or Pork Rinds, whichever folks prefer)

For the Buffalo Wings, we simply cook them whichever way you prefer (we usually fry them in bacon fat in a cast iron pan – this gets them a little crispy with no battering needed).  The sauce is simply 1/2 Cup of Butter, 1/2 tsp of Cayenne Pepper, 1/2 tsp of garlic powder,  1/2 tsp salt, and a 1/2 cup of your favorite hot sauce (READ YOUR LABELS).  We mix this together and simmer on the stove (covered) until the wings are ready.   Toss the wings in the sauce in a large bowl, just before serving.  I often dip mine in a little Ranch Dressing.  YUM!


Chili:  I am trying a new recipe today.  Using this recipe found here.  This is currently simmering on my stove and smells divine!  I followed the recipe as is and it tastes wonderful.  I did use Chicken Stock, but you cannot tell.  I may or may not have added a little extra bacon.


Cheesy Sausage Enchilada Dip:  I will have to let you know how this one goes.  I am going to make up this recipe myself as I go.  I will write it down and share it with you, IF it is yummy.  I cannot imagine that it would be bad.  All you need is a pound of Neese’s Country Hot Sausage, one small onion (chopped), one clove of garlic (chopped), 8 oz of cream cheese, 2 cups of shredded cheddar, and 1/2 to 3/4 can of Enchilada Sauce (red), black pepper to taste.  Brown the sausage, add chopped onion/garlic and allow to sweat until tender, drain fat.  Add Cream Cheese and cheddar to pan with sausage and onion/garlic and allow to melt.  Stir in the red sauce, using 1/2 of a 10oz can to approximately 3/4 (or until you have the desired taste).  You could add green chiles, if you like, or I even thought about a jalepeno chopped up for a little more depth of flavor.  I poured it into a small crockpot to keep warm.  We used Pork Rinds for our “chips.”


Homemade Cheese Crackers:  I will be following this recipe.  Can’t imagine there will be anything too hard about making these.  I didn’t get to this recipe, last but instead made jalepeno poppers:  Jalepenos, cream cheese and bacon = EASY!  Baked them at 400 on a baking sheet in the oven for 15 minutes, then flipped them and cooked an additional 15 minutes (remember to start them with the cream cheese side down).  Can you say, YUMMY?


As a sweet, I may finish up with a plate of Kristie’s Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies, page 154 of her cookbook.  I haven’t decided if we will even need this.  My daughters and their families are coming over, so I may want to add this as a final finish.  I didn’t get to this recipe, either.  Ahhhh, maybe next time.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Y’all!  Hope you have a wonderful evening.  Enjoy your day.

Keto On!

A Weeks Plans…down the tubes


I think I may have mentioned that I am a boring eater during the week when life schedules gets in the way.  I tend to go for what is familiar and easy.  This week I have packed lunches of 3 oz of cheddar cheese and 14 slices of pepperoni.  I don’t usually eat lunch, but I packed it and carried it with me.  Then I ended up eating it once I got home.  LOL….that is just how my life goes.

I was terrible about getting in my water this week, too.  But the recent snow made this first full week back at school a nightmare of craziness.  We had ball games to make up and meetings to figure out everything we had missed and discussions of how to make up meetings and professional development.

Last night, for dinner I made a fathead pizza again, just because I love pizza on the weekend.  Now I am desperately trying to figure out what to cook for dinner tonight.  My family comes for dinner on Sundays, so it is a struggle to figure out what everyone likes and will eat.

Well, for dinner tonight we decided to have omelets and biscuits.  I did fix a pot of grits for the kids to go along with their omelets (bacon, egg and cheese).  I also fixed a batch of Belle’s Biscuits.  Every single bit of everything was eaten.

Tomorrow night I think I will be preparing the Philly Cheesesteak casserole.  Can’t wait to report on how it goes.

Until next time,

Keto on!

Friday Night is for Pizza! FATHEAD Pizza

Friday Night is for Pizza! FATHEAD Pizza

Making stuff makes me happy.  I used to own a scrapbook store and loved creating samples for my store, coming up with new ideas in my own scrapbooks and then eventually learning to make personalized cards and, well, anything paper and sticker related.  I still am pretty crafty, but I love all the machines and things they have come out with to help you with all of the little things.  The Cricut machines are my jam.  I love them and with all of the snow days we have had here in NC, I have had a lot of time to play in the kitchen and in my craft room.

Cooking is like creating to me.  Granted I am usually trying to recreate what someone else has, but it is still interesting and fun.  Then after you have recreated someone elses master piece enough times, you can begin to put your own twist on it.  Pizza for dinner on the weekend has been a long time favorite.  My girls attended the school where I am not the principal.  They both teach at our rival school, but I am very fortunate to work in a school district that is student-centered.  The principal of their school and I are friends and it is nothing to pick up the phone (or shoot a text) to see what she does in this situation or have her get in touch with me about how our school does something else.

I say all of that to say this:  I am a super collaborative person and hope that people always feel comfortable shooting me a text or an email (or even a phone call) to ask me about this or that, including cooking some of these items.  I will help in any way that I can.  Just know that I am NEW NEW NEW to this, so I will only be able to share with you the struggles I have had.  As you read my blog, you will see that I have a lot of struggles!  LOL.  Anyway, tonight we eat PIZZA!

I have to laugh a the name of this pizza because it seems so funny that we are struggling with our weight and trying to get healthy, but we call this Fathead Pizza.  I somehow picture in my mind two little kindergarten students angry with each other and the worst they can think to call each other is “Fathead.”  In reality, todays kindergarteners know much worse words that Fathead.  I guess it is just my memories of yesteryear.

Anyway, we are used to having a night out after various sports with our girls where we all go to the local pizza place and the whole team and all of the parents eat together in true southern fashion.  Now that my children are grown, my husband and I still love pizza.  I would dare say it might be one of my most favorite foods.

Kristie’s Fathead Pizza Dough is on page 129 of her book, or you can watch her video here.  The dough is relatively easy if you have ever made boxed kinds of pizza dough.  If you aren’t familiar with this, I highly recommend putting the dough on parchment paper and then placing another piece over the dough before rolling it out.  This is just a quick and not-so-messy way to get the dough flattened out the way you want it.

Because I have tried Keto a bit before, I have made other Fathead Pizza Dough recipes.  I can honestly say that Kristie’s recipe with the oat fiber and italian seasoning steps it up a bit in texture and flavor!  I seriously considered just covering it in garlic and butter and eating it as garlic bread (hmmmm…..that is a thought for another meal).

**Be mindful that it can be very sticky when you are kneading the dough.  You will “need” to do this in order to mix it well.  Don’t hesitate to oil your hands using whatever oil you prefer.  Some recipes call for olive oil, but just slathered up with coconut oil since it is so good for your skin anyway.

I used a Pampered Chef baking stone and the parchment paper to cook the dough until it began to brown.  Because I like a crispy crust, I took it out of the oven after the 10-12 minutes and flipped the dough off the parchment paper directly onto the baking stone to cook the other side.  It took a little less time, but I stood in the kitchen to watch it.

I used a no added sugar tomato paste with a little oregano mixed in to add a depth a flavor.  About 2 tablespoons of tomato paste to a 1/4 teaspoon of oregano.  I then diluted it with water to get the consistency a little thinner so I could spread all over the dough.  A little mozzarella and some pepperoni = time to chow down!  I have been thinking that bacon would be good on it, as well.  I used to love bacon pizza!  Or even a taco type pizza like you get at some of the more popular pizza places.  Oh!  The possibilities are endless!

For this yummy recipe, I say, “Kudos Kristie!!!”

Today’s Meals:

Breakfast:  Bulletproof Coffee

Lunch:  Some left over sausage gravy and a belle’s biscuit (I couldn’t eat it all, so I am no sure how much of it I actually had….I’d say around half)

Dinner:  A slice of this yummy pizza….the rest will be left overs for tomorrow (or my grandson will most likely eat it before I ever get to it tomorrow).

Until Next time,

Keto on, my friends!

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy: It’s what’s for dinner.

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy:  It’s what’s for dinner.

Did I mention I like to cook?  I am not, by any means, a great cook, but I do love it.  I grew up in the south on good country cooking.  I guess that is why a lot of Kristie’s recipes appeal to me because they are things I like, not some kind of fancy dish that I would only make for company.  You can tell that she cooked for her family and the dishes that she makes are real.

I am a real person, too.  I mean that in the sense that I am just me.  I like to do a variety of things.  I am a country girl who wears cowboy boots and blue jeans every chance I get.  My day job is a middle school principal.  Most people don’t realize it, but I am a loner, shy, actually, but I love people and love to be around them when they are real, too. I love my day job.  I thrive on chaos and there is definitely chaos with 700 middle schoolers each day.  Cooking relaxes me and it also is my way of showing others that I love them.

I am telling you, tonights dinner was amazing.  We have always loved having breakfast for dinner and I am about tapped out on eggs and bacon or sausage.  I needed something more decadent and soulful.  This is it!!  Biscuits and Sausage Gravy.

In Kristie’s cookbook the biscuits are called Belle’s Biscuits.  She has a pretty amazing story to go along with the name of the biscuits.  I will let you research and read that story for yourself (Or you can watch her video on these biscuits here). These really are a game changer in the Keto Lifestyle!  Aren’t they beautiful?   Since there are only two of us, I made half the recipe and they were so delicious!  They are on page 126 of her book, A Journey Worth Taking (2017), or you will find the recipe under the comments, usually, of her video.

Here is what they look like before going in the oven.  When Kristie says in her video to “make sure the tops look the way you want them,” that is the truth.  They didn’t change much from the way they look here:


The Savory Sausage Gravy is on page 28 of her book or you can find the recipe here with the video.  I like watching the videos because it helps me see the products she uses.  I don’t have access to all of the products she uses, but I have been ordering what I can from  Oat fiber, for instance….that is a life changer when it comes to baking keto!!!

I used hot sausage for my recipe.  As it was cooking and once the spices were added, the recipe smelled so familiar.  It reminded me of a recipe my daughter made at Christmas where she had sausage and cream cheese inside of a croissant.  I was so hoping that this recipe would taste like that, and it did!  The biscuits are light and fluffy and the sausage gravy, being made with cream cheese and heavy cream was exactly what she entitled it:  savory.

I think the main question most people would have is if you taste the instant coffee in the recipe.  I am here to tell you:  NOT at all.  You smell it when you first put it in, but it just adds a depth of flavor and some color.  Otherwise the gravy is very white.  This picture shows the gravy just after I have added it all in.  It totally thickens up as it cooks a bit.


I can’t wait for my husband to get home from Praise Team practice to hear what he thinks of this recipe.  I hate he didn’t get it fresh out of the oven/off the stove.  I am anxious to see how this is as left-overs tomorrow.

My meals for today:

Coffee with heavy whipping cream – 2 cups, one piece of sausage

Lunch – not hungry, but had some hot tea just to relax.  Sweetened with Stevia

Dinner:  This amazing dinner:  Biscuits and Sausage Gravy!!!

Snack:  One piece of Kristie’s Perfect Pound Cake (see previous post)

Until next time,

Keto On!

A New Year


Funny how time gets away with you.  As you know, I did a 30 day Keto challenge before Thanksgiving.  I guess you could say this was a trial run to see how hard it would be to change my way of thinking about food, sugar and carbs.  I tested a few recipes and failed at quite a few.  I did, however, shed a few pounds and really liked some of the foods.

I have mentioned it before how I have always struggled with my weight.  I was never the body beautiful girl but more of the curvy (although not fat) girl in junior high and high school.  I can remember being the first one to get boobs in my class.  That was fun.  Not. And of course, they didn’t “come in” gradually.  It was like, HELLO, HERE I AM, the day we started 5th grade.  I guess they grew a lot during summer, but I didn’t notice. I was too busy climbing trees, riding motorcycles with my brother, and getting lost in the woods exploring!  Fast forward to years and years (and years) later:  Its is a constant struggle.  So…

The day after Christmas, my husband and I decided to go for it. We (or at least I) am doing this as a permanent way of life thing, which means changing my way of thinking, finding recipes that I can cook for my family for Sunday dinner, and sticking to it…..forever.  Do I think I will splurge?  I am human, so that is a possibility, but I am not wanting to or planning to.  I cannot tell you how much better I feel and it helps that I have lost 11 pounds since Christmas day.

This new year I have decided to take Dr. Kristie H. Sullivan’s books, A Journey Worth Taking, (2017), which is a collection of some of her favorite recipes, and try them.  I have had her book for a while and have perused it several times.  For some reason I have turned to the internet for recipes, though.  Not sure why, but probably because taking a cookbook into the kitchen (a novel idea, huh?) means it could get messed up.  Printing off the internet means I can toss the paper in the trash.  I also just recently found out that she lives in a town just 20-30 minutes from the small town that I live in.  We travel to her town all of the time if we want to do anything:  shop, eat, go to the movies.  We have very little of that in my hometown.

I have really just decided to try these recipes this week which means I am not that far behind in posting which ones turned out well and which ones did not.  So, Tuesday night, I made the Pizza Casserole on page 58 of her book.  It was quite easy.  I did think it would rise a bit more, but I don’t know why I thought that.  It is cheeses and meats with a little baking powder.  I used the exact measurements for spices, but I think I might like a little less Italian Seasoning.  For me it made it taste more like a quiche than a pizza, but that is just me.

Hint:  I can tell you that you might want to go ahead and invest in a digital food scale.  They aren’t that expensive and they make life in the kitchen so much easier.

Last night, I decided to try the Perfect Pound Cake recipe on page 137.  Since I was able to have left-over Pizza Casserole for dinner, I thought I would use that time saved in the kitchen for a sweet treat.  Let me tell you, I was impressed.  I probably goofed it up and could have made the pound cake a bit prettier, but it said in one section to whisk all dry ingredients together.  Then on another line it said to cream the butter and sweetener together, first.  Ooops….note to self:  Read the entire recipe and directions once through before attempting to follow it.  Lesson learned.  It still turned out beautiful and absolutely yummy.  If I hadn’t already cut it into slices, I would share a picture with you.  I will certainly take one the next time I make it, since I KNOW there will be a next time.

I want to tell you one of the biggest things I have found doing Keto that will hail as the most important tip that I could give:  Drink plenty of fluids!!!  I have totally noticed on the days I don’t drink what I need to I stall in weight loss.  Getting those fluids in will help with so many things:  flushing the body of the toxins, keeping you hydrated, and help with digestion and elimination.  So, in the words of Nike:  “Just Do It.”

I am not comfortable sharing my weight or pictures of me, because I am embarrassed.  I do want you to know that yesterday I ate the following items and lost 2 pounds:

4 pieces of bacon, a serving of pizza casserole for lunch, a serving of pizza casserole for dinner, two servings of pound cake, two cups of coffee with heavy cream, and two cups of hot tea, plus plenty of water.  I was not hungry at all.

I have been reading more about intermittent fasting and noticed that now there is a recent study out about those people who eat a normal diet but only eat between the hours of 8am and 2pm.  This study has shown some weight loss.  To me that is basically the same thing as intermittent fasting, except I am so busy between the hours of 8 and 2 that I don’t have time to eat.  I will have to change my hours from 2pm to 8pm, which may defeat the purpose to some degree because the study says that it take around 4-5 hours for food to digest and what has been helping folks lose weight is that they are burning up stored fat at night by going to bed with that empty stomach.  I guess I could do 2-7pm, since I don’t really go to bed before 11 or 12 each night, anyway.

Until next time….

Keto On, My Friends!



Keto: Day 24-30

Keto:  Day 24-30

I had to share this picture (although I don’t ever like pictures of me) because it has my cute little grandson, Caelan, in it.  It was taken today and he is just a few days over 3 months old.  He is a bundle of smiles and cuteness!  He is one of the reasons I want so desperately to get healthy.  Here is the other one:  Christian.


The other reason is because I don’t like being overweight and on stage.  I need to get this weight off of me.  I love performing but never want to because I am so self-conscious about my size.  Here is me an my pal, Tony, at a Halloween event at a local school.


I can’t believe my time is up.  Life got so busy that I couldn’t blog every day.  I was so tired when I got home, I usually fell asleep on the couch before I ever opened my computer.  I did want to talk about a few recipes I tried during these past few days.  I kept my morning routine of coffee with heavy cream for breakfast.  Most days I never got in my calories, but kept my macros correct.  I feel like I would have lost way more weight if I had gotten my calories in.  That statement is way off for my original way of thinking.

I did find that I missed sandwiches something terrible.  I won’t go without something I can use as bread.  I tried the 90 second bread and it was fine, but not fantastic.  I did find the recipe for soul bread.  WOW!  This is the stuff right there.  The first time I made it, I didn’t have a no-flavor protein powder.   I had to see if it would be like bread or smell like an omelet, so I made it with the only Isopure 0-carb protein powder I had on hand:  Banana Cream.  Well, to my surprise, it was delicious.  I would think you could have used the recipe, added in some nuts and had something resembling banana nut bread, just not the typical color of it.  This bread looks and feels like bread.


It is delicious, too!  I can’t wait to try a BLT or grilled cheese sandwich now.  I think my hubby will be happy!  This is a game changer!!!  Here is the recipe:  Soul Bread.

A not so wonderful recipe I tried, and don’t blame the recipe, I think it was me, is for these brownies.  The batter was divine but they did not cook up like I would have thought.  This could be for many reasons.  I will try them again, with fresher and the recommended ingredients.  I used a chocolate protein powder that I had on hand, baking powder that was probably too old, and homemade coconut butter. Literally wanted to vomit upon the first bite.  You can tell by the picture that I had the wrong size pan, too.  It call for a 7×5 (who has that size???).  They do look nice and chocolate, but I failed the recipe miserably.  Here is the recipe:  Brownies


Now….there is this recipe that I made today that I may have to taste before our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  The batter tasted amazing, so I really want to leave it in tact until dessert tomorrow, as it baked up beautifully.  This is a recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie.  So simple to make and, like I said, the batter flavor was yummy!  I cannot wait to have a piece tomorrow after our Turkey Dinner.


This picture was taken fresh out of the oven.  I have had it in the refrigerator for several hours now.  Seriously, though, how can you go wrong with cheesecake?

In my experience, there will be things you “crave.”  I put that in quotation marks because so many people talk about cravings.  I didn’t really crave anything.   I just missed things.  I really wanted a burger with a bun, or a good ole sandwich, or a glass of wine.  I did have wine on occasion, but I found that there was an initial huge weight loss after a glass, but the day after that would be a weight gain.  I really think that has something to do with your fluid intake (or the effects of alcohol on your body as related to dehydration).  I am not a medical doctor, so I don’t know that to be true, but for me, it seems to be what my body was telling me.  I could have one glass of wine with dinner and then not be able to get enough water the next day.

Cheese.  Hmmmm…..ooh how I love it.  You really have to eat cheese in moderations (or, at least I did).  Cheese was probably my biggest problem.  Not cream cheese, though, only hard cheeses (pepperjack, cheddar, etc.).  I always stalled when I ate cheese.

Final weight:  I lost 6 pound even during the 30 days.  Not at all what I hoped for, but 6 pounds a month?  Yeah, I will take that.  I also have to tell you how much better I feel.  I don’t have the swollen hands and fingers like I often did.  I do recommend drinking LOTS of water and adding in some exercise.  I didn’t seem to get in the water or exercise, but I know that if I had, I would have seen even greater results.

Well…..onto the next 30 days!  I will check in with you as I try new recipes and keep you informed of my progress!

Keto on.