I grew up in Northern Virginia just outside of D.C.  I moved to North Carolina just before my 7th grade school year, which, quite frankly, might have been the worst time to move.  Think about your middle school/junior high years.  Were they not some of the most awkward years of your life?  To top it all off, I had skipped 1st grade and was a year younger than most. So, yeah, add to the fact that I moved during the most crucial time of my life that I was the prime target of every single pre-teen looking to NOT have anyone point a finger at them, and you pretty much have my pre-teen/teenage years.  Of course, I poured myself into my education as a means of not dealing with all of the mean people out there (which may have added to my “geekiness” but allowed me to attain my own personal goals – getting out of high school a year early – skipping 11th grade because I did what I could to take courses any way they would let me).  I wasn’t allowed to date much in high school (not that anyone would have wanted to date me or that I would have had time) and my college didn’t allow you to single date until you were a junior (making me 18 before I could single date).  So, for years, I worked and went to school.  I made some great friends along the way (some of us are still close – thanks to FaceBook) and I certainly had my share of heartbreaks.  But God is good.  He is fantastic, actually.  He blessed me beyond measure with a great family, an education, and many hobbies in which I am able to indulge.

About the flawed statement:  Many people wonder about that I know, but some of those details are just better left in my past.  Just know that because of those things, no matter how I act in a crowd, I am shy and scared.  I do not have the self-esteem I may portray.  I work on it daily.  I always laugh and tell people that I went into counseling because I had my own issues to deal with and that is pretty much a fact.   Don’t we all have that thing (well I have all those things) to get past, work through, or whatever?  And just like those who have been bullied, I have done my share of making sure I remained a victim, mostly in my teenage and college years, but even recently at one of my lowest points when I didn’t make wise decisions.  But we are human, right.  We sometimes do stupid things.  But that is for another day or another blog.

All of this brings me to the one thing that I have struggled with all of my life:  my weight (my biggest issue – the one that affects me in so many ways).  Because of this one thing, I am starting a blog about dieting, weight loss, struggles that contribute to weight loss, and things that have helped me be successful.


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