Snow Days/Valentine’s Day


What is it about snow days that make you want comfort food? I have resisted making my signature snow day potato soup and snow cream. Luckily yesterday, when the snow was really coming down, I slept. Not sure what I have (or had), but it felt like a virus + flu all combined into one. I only have remnants of it now (something resembling a cold and a few aches and pains).
Needless to say, I did not cook yesterday, so there are no great photos of recipe remixes. Give me a day or two to recover from this, and my recipe creativity should return. For now, know that I am eating salads and trying to get in all my protein.
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of love and happiness. ❤


About scrapbk4fun

I am the mother of two girls. I am flawed beyond measure. I have a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership. I have been a social worker, truancy officer, scrapbook store owner, counselor, Special Education Director, and am currently the Principal of a fairly large middle school. I am passionate about my faith, family, career and education. I enjoy ventriloquism, cooking, scrapbooking, photography, exercising and spending time with my family. My favorite vacation spot is the beach, although I love anywhere that is outdoors! Extraordinarily Boring Adventures are stories from my memory of my childhood. They may or may not be accurate, but are just what I remember. While Dieting, Food, and Other Life Struggles are just my way of sharing about life. Hope you enjoy reading about this simple thing called life.

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