February 3 & 4, 2014


Last Monday I weighed (ugh!) and wrote that horrific number on my calendar.  Not the calendar that everyone can see, but the one that I keep hidden in a room, in the dark, in the back of the house (LOL!  Not really….but kinda).   I decided on a food list that was primarily made up of fruits for the first two days, with quite a bit a veggies, and  a fair amount of protein.  I remember some diet that had me do two days of major amounts of fruits, so I decided anywhere from 5-9 fruits a day (depending upon how hungry I got).  I didn’t want to lack in protein, either, but I knew for the first few days, fruits were going to be important.

I read somewhere else that drinking lemon juice in warm water helps your body in all kinds of ways, so I thought that might be a good way to take my vitamins.  If you want to read some of the benefits, check out this website: http://tasty-yummies.com/2013/03/18/10-benefits-to-drinking-warm-lemon-water-every-morning/.  It gives you  quick synopsis.  I started my two days (Monday and Tuesday) with an egg and a half of a pink grapefruit (decided against the pink grapefruit after these two days because I hate mornings and they take too long to figure out how to eat – not a huge fan anyway).

The rest of the day went like this:

10am – Apple

Lunch – three cup salad, 3.5 oz chicken breast (grilled), lite salad dressing, and an orange

2pm – Apple

4pm – Orange

6pm – 4 oz hamburger patty (grilled or cooked in a frying pan with PAM) with mustard, Green beans, and a baked apple

7:30 – Orange

I drank at least 8 glasses of water (8 oz each) both days.

Now I need to let you know a few things to be prepared for:  1.  You feel like you are eating all of the time!!!  2.  This part kind of sets you up for weight loss, but the fruit is really great for….um…..cleaning you out, anyway…so yay??  3.  Day two – mid-day:  Massive. Headache.  I mean the kind that makes you pass out, get sick to your stomach, and/or get so dizzy you can’t think (so glad I had pain reliever that helped me get through my work day!).   However around 3:30pm,  the headache was gone.


About scrapbk4fun

I am the mother of two girls. I am flawed beyond measure. I have a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership. I have been a social worker, truancy officer, scrapbook store owner, counselor, Special Education Director, and am currently the Principal of a fairly large middle school. I am passionate about my faith, family, career and education. I enjoy ventriloquism, cooking, scrapbooking, photography, exercising and spending time with my family. My favorite vacation spot is the beach, although I love anywhere that is outdoors! Extraordinarily Boring Adventures are stories from my memory of my childhood. They may or may not be accurate, but are just what I remember. While Dieting, Food, and Other Life Struggles are just my way of sharing about life. Hope you enjoy reading about this simple thing called life.

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