Keto: Day 24-30

Keto:  Day 24-30

I had to share this picture (although I don’t ever like pictures of me) because it has my cute little grandson, Caelan, in it.  It was taken today and he is just a few days over 3 months old.  He is a bundle of smiles and cuteness!  He is one of the reasons I want so desperately to get healthy.  Here is the other one:  Christian.


The other reason is because I don’t like being overweight and on stage.  I need to get this weight off of me.  I love performing but never want to because I am so self-conscious about my size.  Here is me an my pal, Tony, at a Halloween event at a local school.


I can’t believe my time is up.  Life got so busy that I couldn’t blog every day.  I was so tired when I got home, I usually fell asleep on the couch before I ever opened my computer.  I did want to talk about a few recipes I tried during these past few days.  I kept my morning routine of coffee with heavy cream for breakfast.  Most days I never got in my calories, but kept my macros correct.  I feel like I would have lost way more weight if I had gotten my calories in.  That statement is way off for my original way of thinking.

I did find that I missed sandwiches something terrible.  I won’t go without something I can use as bread.  I tried the 90 second bread and it was fine, but not fantastic.  I did find the recipe for soul bread.  WOW!  This is the stuff right there.  The first time I made it, I didn’t have a no-flavor protein powder.   I had to see if it would be like bread or smell like an omelet, so I made it with the only Isopure 0-carb protein powder I had on hand:  Banana Cream.  Well, to my surprise, it was delicious.  I would think you could have used the recipe, added in some nuts and had something resembling banana nut bread, just not the typical color of it.  This bread looks and feels like bread.


It is delicious, too!  I can’t wait to try a BLT or grilled cheese sandwich now.  I think my hubby will be happy!  This is a game changer!!!  Here is the recipe:  Soul Bread.

A not so wonderful recipe I tried, and don’t blame the recipe, I think it was me, is for these brownies.  The batter was divine but they did not cook up like I would have thought.  This could be for many reasons.  I will try them again, with fresher and the recommended ingredients.  I used a chocolate protein powder that I had on hand, baking powder that was probably too old, and homemade coconut butter. Literally wanted to vomit upon the first bite.  You can tell by the picture that I had the wrong size pan, too.  It call for a 7×5 (who has that size???).  They do look nice and chocolate, but I failed the recipe miserably.  Here is the recipe:  Brownies


Now….there is this recipe that I made today that I may have to taste before our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  The batter tasted amazing, so I really want to leave it in tact until dessert tomorrow, as it baked up beautifully.  This is a recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie.  So simple to make and, like I said, the batter flavor was yummy!  I cannot wait to have a piece tomorrow after our Turkey Dinner.


This picture was taken fresh out of the oven.  I have had it in the refrigerator for several hours now.  Seriously, though, how can you go wrong with cheesecake?

In my experience, there will be things you “crave.”  I put that in quotation marks because so many people talk about cravings.  I didn’t really crave anything.   I just missed things.  I really wanted a burger with a bun, or a good ole sandwich, or a glass of wine.  I did have wine on occasion, but I found that there was an initial huge weight loss after a glass, but the day after that would be a weight gain.  I really think that has something to do with your fluid intake (or the effects of alcohol on your body as related to dehydration).  I am not a medical doctor, so I don’t know that to be true, but for me, it seems to be what my body was telling me.  I could have one glass of wine with dinner and then not be able to get enough water the next day.

Cheese.  Hmmmm…..ooh how I love it.  You really have to eat cheese in moderations (or, at least I did).  Cheese was probably my biggest problem.  Not cream cheese, though, only hard cheeses (pepperjack, cheddar, etc.).  I always stalled when I ate cheese.

Final weight:  I lost 6 pound even during the 30 days.  Not at all what I hoped for, but 6 pounds a month?  Yeah, I will take that.  I also have to tell you how much better I feel.  I don’t have the swollen hands and fingers like I often did.  I do recommend drinking LOTS of water and adding in some exercise.  I didn’t seem to get in the water or exercise, but I know that if I had, I would have seen even greater results.

Well…..onto the next 30 days!  I will check in with you as I try new recipes and keep you informed of my progress!

Keto on.


Keto: Day 18-24


I think I must be the most boring eater in the world.  I pretty much eat the same thing day after day.  I have found myself forcing myself to eat because I am not hungry.  I have wondered if this WOE is for me because I cannot get in enough calories and have found myself at a stall for the past several days.

The weather has turned off pretty cold, so I automatically think about comfort food.  Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese are my go-to things for cold weather.  I started researching how to make a Keto Tomato soup.  After all, the canned soup has about 19-22 carbs per serving! Yikes!

I found this amazing creamy tomato soup here.   It tastes a lot like the creamy tomato at Panera Bread (one of my faves!).   I didn’t use a blender, but instead used my handy immersion blender.  All of the seasonings made this roasted roma tomato yumminess one of the best soups I have had.

Grilled cheese.  Yum.   How to do that and be low carb can be a challenge.  I found the 90 second bread and used that.  I wish I hadn’t been so impatient and let it sit in the grill (Panini press) for a little longer, maybe it wouldn’t have tasted so eggy.  It was nice to hold something that seemed like a sandwich, but the flavor was more like an omelet.  😦  Still on the search for a good keto bread.  I love sandwiches and could live off of them.  The hunt is on!

Keto: Day 15-17


Continuing on this WOE, I find myself not really hungry at all.  I don’t eat at all during the day, but I do look forward to eating something good when I get home.  Carb creep is a real thing, so I have to be careful about he veggies I eat.  I am addicted to jalepeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.  I am pretty religious about eating a peanut butter fat bomb and having two cups of coffee with heavy cream and stevia each morning.

I don’t ever have time for lunch.  I know most people probably think that the life of a principal must be pretty easy.  I can tell you that I barely sit down all day.  I am in and out of classrooms making sure that students and teachers feel my presence.  I couldn’t love my job more.  Not sure I am too good at it, but I love it.  I love the smell of the school, the moments when I can tell that a teacher knows that his/her kids got today’s lesson, and that moment when a kid realized he/she got it, too.  I know good teaching when I see it and I am a really fair disciplinarian when necessary.  Middle school is tough.   There is barely enough time to think, let alone eat lunch or even take a sip of water for that matter.

It’s the water, or lack thereof, that is getting me, I feel sure.  I just don’t have time.

Tonight for dinner, I made homemade broccoli cheddar soup.  It was delicious!  I used a recipe from  You can see the recipe here (with step-by-step pictures)!

My weight has stalled.  I am guessing it is from the lack of water and the carb creep.  Hopefully, I will get this under control.  I am also probably not getting in the calories I need.

Until next time:  Keto On!

Keto: Day 14


Well, I made it through the weekend, but not without complications.  My appetite had completely ceased by this past Thursday.  I wondered if it were from being Keto or if something else was going on.  I didn’t feel too well on Friday and still had not appetite.  Pushing through Saturday, I even attended a wedding, but had little to no appetite.  Woke up this morning and felt as if I had been hit by a train.  All kinds of tummy troubles, plus a headache and neck pain that just would not stop.

Found myself at a convenient care by 10 am, only to discover I had a severe sinus infection.  Ugh.  I have been tired.  I had to eat something to get the antibiotics in, so my hubby fixed me a few jalepenos with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon.  I have also had a bacon, cheese, and cream cheese omelet, today, as well.  Other than that, my appetite is just to minimal to eat right now.  Hopefully it will improve with time on this antibiotic.

I have maintained eating correctly, so I am happy with that.  More later…..when I can hold my head up.  Hopefully will feel better soon.

Keto: 9-13


I haven’t done anything extraordinary this week.   I have been eating the following for my meals:


Some days – two eggs, coffee with heavy cream and Stevia;  Other days, I have Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC) and am out the door.  Today is two Peanut Butter Fat Bombs and my coffee with heavy cream.


Most days I forget to eat lunch but continue to drink lots of water during the day.  Other days, I forget everything until the 3pm bell rings.  Yesterday, I did manage to have some pulled pork and cole slaw.


Monday it was left over wings (3); Tuesday, it was a hamburger patty with bacon, mayo and a pickle on it.  Wednesday and Thursday I had about 5 oz of steak cooked in butter with sour cream, salt and pepper.

I totally am not getting in my vegetables.  I really need to work on that.  I am down 8 pounds total, but this week I have only lost about a pound.  No Keto-flu.


A tough week at school.   I am looking forward to the weekend.

Keto: Day 8


It has been a rather uneventful day here on the home front.  I wish I could tell you I tried some amazing recipes, but I didn’t.

Breakfast:  Coffee and heavy cream

Lunch:  Left over Cauliflower Soup – which my husband scalded when he started reheating it.

Dinner:  Wings with Ranch Dressing.

Snack:  About 6 little squares of cheese.

I can’t believe we are just days before Halloween.  It seems like yesterday school was starting and I was starting a new job.  I have been having trouble getting on a schedule.  I just seem to be drained when I get home from work.  I have felt pretty good this weekend and accomplished more than I thought I would.

Tonight we had a small group at our house.  My church runs small groups a couple of times a year.  We just finished 7 weeks of small group with tonight being the last.  We hosted the college and career class at our home.  I love opening my home to others.  I have folks that call my house:  “Grammy’s Bed & Breakfast” or “Chez Gardner.”  Although it is a joke among friends and family, they know anyone is welcome to stay here.

Tomorrow after work I have a show.  The elementary school behind me has asked me and my “friend,” Tony, to be guest readers during their Fall Festival.  They are promoting literacy through their festival and everyone that attends the reading session will get a free book.  I am looking forward to it but have been trying to figure out how I will turn pages, hold a book, and perform.  I think I might need an extra hand or two.  Maybe I will call on someone from the audience to assist.

I hope you all have an amazing week.



Time for action, not excuses!  


This message is for me, for sure! Thanks, Don Sims! I needed to read this. I can totally relate.


Today has been another in ineffective day off up to this point. I accomplished some things that I had planned, but I have a bad habit of procrastinating. I am good at accomplishing tasks that are both important and time sensitive. But if there is something that I feel can be put off until tomorrow, I have a habit of doing just that. This blog is just as much for me as it is for those reading it.

You need to accept what has happened and commit to taking action right away. As soon as I publish this post, I am going to get up and get to work. No excuses! Just like exercising, being committed enough to do what is needed, even though you don’t want to, is the key to real success.

Never stop believing in yourself. Talk to you tomorrow 🙂

-Dan Sims

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